Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Carports

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A carport is a great way to offer your car some protection from the elements when you don't have a garage or when the garage you have is already full and you don't have the space or budget to expand it. Some people even use a carport for a patio area. You can also store lawn care equipment and other such items under the shelter as well. If you're still trying to decide if a carport is a good choice for your home, note a few misconceptions you might have about the structure and its use, and discuss these with a contractor as needed.

Carports are loud 

Wood, vinyl, PVC, and other such soft materials for carports are typically very quiet and should never make any type of rattling or creaking sound. Lightweight aluminium carports that are older and have come away from their post connectors may make noise as they shift and move during high winds or if hail should hit the roof.

However, if you maintain a metal carport properly, tightening connectors and bolts as needed and oiling rusty spots as they develop, this can keep it quiet. An aluminium roof with an insulating layer underneath the metal will absorb the sound of rain and hail, so if storms are common in your area, simply add this insulator if you decide on metal versus another material for your carport.

Carports don't provide protection from anything other than overhead sunlight

If you want to protect your car from all weather conditions, you can choose a carport with a curtained roof. This is a small ledge that hangs down from the edge of the roof, providing more shade under the carport. A carport can also be constructed with walls on one side; this can be made of wood slats or metal panels that would match the material of the carport, and which would then protect the car from high winds, rain, and sunlight that shines along a side of the structure.

Carports are not secure

While it's true that a carport doesn't have a door you can lock like a garage, note that you can run wiring to the carport to support motion detectors and floodlights, and the posts of a carport provide a secure base if you want to chain your bike, lawnmower, or any other equipment to the structure. You can even invest in secure, locking totes for other items you want to store outside, and secure those totes to the carport, so items are much less likely to be stolen.


30 June 2017

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