Flooring Systems You Can Use in a Commercial Warehouse

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Flooring is probably the trickiest section to deal with when building a commercial warehouse. First, you need something that will be pleasing to the eye considering that some sections of the facility will be used to welcome customers. Secondly, the floor, unlike any other part of the warehouse, must deal with heavy automobile and human traffic. You need material that can perform both of these functions without fail. On that note, choosing the right flooring system will help you minimise maintenance costs while ensuring good performance from your floor. Here are the various alternatives you can use in your commercial warehouse:  

Vinyl Flooring System

A vinyl flooring qualifies as resilient flooring system. You can categorise it as a resilient flooring system with similar characteristics as those of a cork, linoleum or rubber flooring. In the past, there was little variety when one wanted to go for a vinyl flooring system. The overall look was pedestrian and generic. Thankfully, recent developments in the flooring world have led to a variety of textures and style. You can now go for marble, wood or faux finishes based on what suits your functional and aesthetic needs best. Apart from its wealth in terms of variety, a vinyl flooring systems offers you many other benefits. These include ease of installation, resistance to bacteria build up, and durability.

Hardwood Flooring System

A hardwood flooring system is another viable option in the market. Hardwood has lots of aesthetic value derived from the richness of natural wood grain. Some tree species like Mahogany, pine and cherry are hard to come by, and they can significantly raise the value of your warehouse when used in sensitive areas like the floor. Notably, a hardwood floor is the go-to option if you live in cold areas. Wood, unlike concrete and tiles, loses heat very slowly and enables your floor to stay warm for long periods. It is a simple way of ensuring thermal comfort for the occupants in the house.  

The only challenge with hardwood is that it requires lots of attention and care. Water shouldn't be allowed to soak up the wood. Corrosive acids and alkaline solutions should not find their way onto this floor as well.

Laminate Flooring

A laminate flooring is the perfect alternative for those who cannot afford hardwood and other expensive options. It can be designed to look like stone, marble, bamboo and cork. The only problem is that laminate flooring is not ideal for warehouses located in wet areas. It is prone to warping and mould attack (something you definitely don't want near your products). Contact an industrial construction service for more information.


12 July 2017

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