Interesting Roof Truss Designs to Consider for Your House

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While there is nothing wrong with traditional roofs, you should not be restricted to such designs for your home. Roof trusses are a modern roof design worthy of trying. Different roof truss designs are available to fulfill unique client needs. Depending on what you want your roof to look like, this article provides you with various roof truss designs you can consider for your home.

Scissor Truss -- The scissor truss design is mostly used in buildings that need high ceilings. Cords cross each other as they rise from the base of the slanting frames to the top of the opposing sloping frame. When looked at from a cross-sectional view, the scissor truss design creates an open scissor shape. It is also known as a vaulted ceiling due to the angled bottom chords, and one of its advantages is that it gives rooms a visually open space. If you want to create a cathedral like the ceiling in your house, then the scissor truss roof design is your choice. Additionally, the support offered to the rafters by the inclined chords gives this design structural strength.

Room-in-Attic -- As the name suggests, the room-in-attic roof truss incorporates an open living or storage space into the design, characteristically combining the roof and the floor into a single component. One of this model's key benefits is that due to the vast space is taken up by the room, room-in-attic roof production is less intensive due to lack of multiple joints. Since different clients have different room designs, this specific one is computer generated, thereby producing better quality roof trusses concerning precision. Therefore, if you need an extra storage space or an additional living room, the room-in-attic roof truss is your best option.

Clerestory -- The clerestory truss design has a vertical wall placed between and along the length of the two opposite sloping sides. The vertical wall can feature several windows or a long continuous one. You can choose between a symmetrical and an asymmetrical clerestory truss. The former has a hipped-like design where the slope on one side is lower than the slope on the opposite end. On the other hand, the former gives the roof a skillion look since it has a long overlapping single sloping side instead of two. However, the design should not be confused with a flat roof since its pitch is much more noticeable and steeper. The main advantage of a clerestory truss is that it is simple, cheap and easy to install. In case your preference is to have a more striking design and some extra shed, go with clerestory roof trusses.

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17 July 2017

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