Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofs


Metal roofs are very durable and attractive, and metal can easily outlast other forms of roofing materials by many years, if not even decades. However, while metal is a good choice for residential roofing, many homeowners have certain misconceptions that keep them from considering this material for their own home. Note a few of those misconceptions here so you can discuss this option with your roofing contractor and make the best choice for your home's roof.

Metal roofs aren't good for extreme climates

You may assume that metal roofs would get very warm when exposed to lots of blazing hot sun, but metal is actually more durable under harsh sunlight than many other materials. Hot, direct sun will dry out asphalt shingles and cause them to get brittle and then crumble, and too much sunlight may also dry or discolour clay or concrete tiles.

In colder areas, metal can also better insulate your home, as it doesn't allow as much heat to escape through the roof. The insulating layer that is placed under a metal roof also ensures that the cold temperature of the roof won't pass through the home's framework. Metal roofing also won't suffer water damage from heavy storms and is less likely to blow off in high winds, making it a good choice for tropical areas.

Salt water will erode metal roofs

Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, so it can be used on beachfront homes or coastal properties without suffering damage from salt spray.

Steel that is used for metal roofs is typically coated with a protective zinc layer to prevent rust and corrosion. Steel may also be powder coated to add colour, and this coating can add a layer of protection to the metal.

You can install your own metal roof

A metal roof is not just a plain sheet of metal that is bolted to the home's roofing rafters and joists or to the current roofing material. This roof needs an insulating layer under it, as said above, and sections of metal for the roofing need to be properly bolted to each other so that there are no gaps between seams.

The metal used for roofing also needs to be properly fitted around the roof eaves, the chimney, vents, and other features on the roof itself. While installing a metal roof is not a difficult job for a contractor, it's best to let someone who is qualified and experienced handle this work for you.


19 July 2017

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