Two tips for keeping your construction site secure

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Construction sites usually contain a great deal of valuable building materials, machinery and power tools. Theft of any of these goods could not only affect the progress of a construction project but could also result in enormous cost overruns. As such, it's important for those managing construction projects to take steps to ensure that their building sites are safe and secure. Here are two ways to do this.

Monitor the site

One of the most effective ways to prevent site materials and equipment from being stolen is to make sure that the area is monitored around the clock. There are a couple of ways to do this.

You can, for instance, hire a security guard to watch over the site area when it is not in use. This is obviously a substantial ongoing expense but should be viewed as an investment, as the presence of a trained security guard on the premises will significantly reduce the chances of thieves approaching the site and stealing materials and equipment.

It will also ensure that should any criminals manage to break into the site, action will be taken immediately (that is, the security guard can instantly notify the police and, if appropriate, prevent the thieves from leaving the premises with the stolen goods).

Another way to monitor the site is to install a CCTV system. CCTV systems can make a security guard's job far easier, by enabling them to visually access and protect all areas of the site at once. The footage created by CCTV cameras can also be very helpful in instances where goods have been stolen from a construction site and the police require video evidence in order to identify and charge the thieves. 

Install a security alarm

Visible security alarms can drastically reduce the chances of valuable machinery and building materials being stolen from a construction site. The sight of an alarm system (or even a sign indicating that there is such a system in place) around the perimeters of the site is often enough to deter potential thieves from attempting to break in.

However, even in cases where a criminal does decide to enter a construction site that is protected by a security alarm, they will have virtually no time to steal any items, as their presence will instantly trigger the system and result in the appropriate authorities being notified and arriving on site within minutes.

If you choose to install a security alarm, it is important to ensure that only those who have been thoroughly vetted are given access to the system's alarm codes, so as to ensure that this crucial information does not fall into the hands of any unscrupulous individuals.


19 July 2017

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