Tips to Creating Good Rapport With Your Building Contractor

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If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, it is best to hire a professional builder. Since building contractors are qualified, they offer quality work and value for money. However, while building contractors are supposed to maintain professional conduct regardless of how they are treated by clients, you play a critical role in their performance. Some builders would turn down a job just because they have heard that a customer is hard to handle. This article provides ideas you can apply when hosting building contractors in your home for several days.

Offer Lunch -- Providing your clients with meals is not necessary, but it is a good gesture to do so. However, if you have worked with building contractors before, you must have noticed that they rarely take lunch breaks. It is mainly because they work on a schedule and like to keep within the project plan. You should realize that on their first day, the workers would more likely refuse your offer since they usually make their arrangements regarding meals. Therefore, you should not take their refusal the wrong way. Just make them an offer that you would provide them with lunch the following day. Giving them a heads-up would help to eliminate any awkwardness because of unfulfilled expectations. By providing your building contractors lunch, they get the much-needed break and motivates them to do a good job for you.

Offer First Aid kit -- Usually, professional building contractors will take along a first aid kit to any project. Due to the nature of their job, it is nearly impossible to miss one or two cases of injured builders. Whether they have their first aid kits, offer them the one you have in your home. There might be an accident/s where a couple of builders in the group are affected, and a single first aid kit might not be enough. Most importantly, it is better to be adequately prepared for any eventuality. 

Upfront Communication -- If you are away from your house most of the time, you need a clear line of communication with your building contractors. Contractors prefer it when they know exactly what the customer wants, and this can be enhanced through upfront communication. As such, avoid using a third party to pass your messages as much as possible for the simple reason that your communication might get distorted and bring confusion. Provide them with your mobile phone number or email address for accessibility.


21 July 2017

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