The Bidet Way: Choosing The Right Bidet For Your Hygiene Needs

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Bidets are far from a universal feature in Australian bathrooms, but most bidet owners swear by the extra level of cleanliness they provide when you go to the bathroom. If you choose to have a bidet installed in your smallest room, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the various bidet types and accessory options on offer, and choosing the right bidet for your sanitary needs can be difficult. To help you narrow down the selection, keep the following important considerations in mind as you shop around:

What should the bidet be made from?

The vast majority of bidets are made from durable and attractive ceramics, generally identical to the ones used to make toilets and sinks. This makes matching your bidet to your existing toilet and bathroom suite very easy, and provides an easily cleaned surface so your bidet remains hygienic at all times.

However, some bidets, particularly wall-mounted models, are made from stainless steel; these distinctive metal bidets can be an attractive accent in modern bathrooms, and are just as easy to keep properly cleaned. These bidets also tend to be lighter, making them easier to install -- however, you can also expect to pay more for them than you would for equivalent ceramic models.

Should the bidet be floor or wall mounted?

Bidets can be fitted to the floor in much the same way as your toilet, but smaller models can also be fitted to your bathroom wall, with their plumbing installed in the wall and hidden from view.

The main advantages of floor-mounted bidets is that they can be sat upon for extra comfort and control, and many floor mounted bidets come fitted with lids and seats for a more comfortable experience. However, they can be a little low to the ground for taller people to use comfortably.

Wall-mounted models are usually designed to be squatted over rather than sat upon, and can be more comfortable for taller bathroom users as they can be mounted however far up the wall you require. A higher position also makes them a little easier to keep clean, especially underneath the rim. However, using them for extended periods can be tiring.

What accessories should my bidet be fitted with?

Accessories can come pre-fitted to your new bidet, or aftermarket accessories can be fitted to existing bidets; both varieties are stocked by most good plumbing suppliers. Some of the most popular and useful accessories are listed below:

  • Dual nozzles: Dual nozzle bidets feature a water spout in both front and back, and are particularly useful for female bathroom users, allowing thorough cleaning without having to awkwardly reposition yourself.
  • Air dryers: These devices are often fitted to the seats of floor mounted bidets, and blast warm air to speed the drying process after you have cleaned yourself.
  • Backflow prevention valves: More of a necessity than an optional extra, these simple devices prevent water from your toilet from spilling into your bidet during water pressure spikes and prevent contamination of your bidet bowl.


28 July 2017

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