5 Signs You Need a Ute Cover

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A ute cover fits over the cargo area of your ute, and these covers offer a lot of advantages. Wondering if you need one? Here are five signs that you should consider it:

1. You Don't Have a Garage

If you don't have a covered spot to park your ute, leaves or other debris can easily fall into the cargo tray. A cover helps prevent that situation. Additionally, truck covers can protect the bed of the cargo area from hail, rain, salt corrosion and other elements.

2. You Need to Restrain Loads

There are strict laws about restraining loads, and if you have rubbish, gardening debris, tools or anything else in the back of your ute, it needs to be restrained. A ute cover makes that easy.

You don't have to worry about tethering anything to the sides of the ute or using ratcheting straps. Instead, you can just pull shut your ute cover and get on the road.

3. You Want Extra Protection

In some cases, you may already have a way to restrain your loads. However, you may still want the ute cover for added protection. It hides any valuable tools or other items that you are transporting, and that reduces temptation for thieves. For extra security, you may want to choose a hard cover with a lock, rather than a soft cover without a lock.

4. You Need Extra Storage

A ute cover doesn't just have to cover your cargo hold. It can also make that area more useful. In particular, you can get ute covers that come with racks.

The cover allows you to transport all kinds of stuff including luggage that you don't want to be exposed to the elements. Without a cover, you would have to put stuff like that in the cab of the vehicle. On top of that, the rack gives you a spot to stow tools like ladders or fun items such as kayaks or bikes.

5. You Like the Look of a Ute Cover

Finally, the choice can boil down to aesthetics. Do you want a tidier sharper look for your ute? Then, a ute cover may be the obvious choice.

Traditionally, these covers are black or grey, but you can get other colours as well. In some cases, you can even customise the colour so that it perfectly creates the look you want.  

To learn more, contact a ute cover distributor directly.


19 August 2017

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