Do You Need Help Selecting the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovation?

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One of the areas in the home that demand a lot of attention when it is time to renovate is the bathroom. If you are contemplating remodelling your bathroom with tiling, you can be easily overwhelmed by the many different types of bathroom tiles available on the construction market, with each being marketed as the best product. Some of the most common tiling products available include glass tiling, vinyl tiling, ceramic tiling, and stone tiling.

Continue reading on below to find out what you should consider when selecting tiling for your bathroom makeover.

The purpose of the tiling installation.

Where do you intend to install the tiling and what purpose do you want it to serve? This is the biggest question that you need to answer before making a decision on what tiles you should choose for your bathroom renovation. If you want tiling you can use as splashbacks or decorative bathroom ware, then glass tiling will be a suitable choice, for example. But if what you need is a hard-wearing tile flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and abuse, then you might want to look into tiling options like ceramic tiling and stone tiling, which offer superior impact resistance.

The size of your budget.

As pointed out earlier, not all bathroom tiles are created equal, just like many other products sold on the construction market today. Generally speaking, people get what they pay for — the higher the price tag, the better the quality of the product in question.

Home owners working with a low budget may have to settle for cheaper tiles like vinyl tiles; those willing to spend a little extra to get a longer product lifespan and/or achieve better aesthetics can go for ceramic tiling; whereas the affluent who value a high-end look can opt for stone tiling. In short, your budget may limit or expand your product selection range.

The required level of upkeep.

Bathrooms are basic sanitation areas that must be kept clean and hygienic at all times. When you are thinking about what tiles you should install in your bathroom, it would do you good to opt for a product that you can maintain properly without much hassle.

In case you need any help when it comes to choosing the right tiling products for your bathroom renovation project, it is best to talk to a bathroom renovation specialist. They can provide you with proper guidance.


21 August 2017

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