Feeling Bold? Get Creative with Coloured Asphalt

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If you're the kind of person who likes to make bold and adventurous choices with your design choices, then you may have discounted asphalt as an option for paving outside your home.  Its traditional look may have prevented you from seeing its appeal - but did you know that pigments can easily be added to asphalt to turn it different colours?  These range from subtle, dark colours intended to add just a twist of something different, all the way through to very vibrant and bold shades.  So - could asphalt be for you?  Here's why you should consider it.


Ordinarily, if you want to use bright colours in your home improvements, you need to sacrifice practicality in order to do so.  In this case, that's not necessary.  Adding pigment to asphalt doesn't compromise its integrity in any way; it will still be as hard-wearing, durable and long-lasting as it would be if you had kept its original black colour.  As such, no matter what you keep on your drive and what kind of use it gets, your driveway - and that cool colour choice - will be perfectly in tact.


While you will need to pay extra for the pigment, asphalt is still a very cost-effective option for your driveway - much more so than tiling or individually set stones.  It allows you to achieve that unique look you're going for without breaking the bank.  In fact, it's so cost effective that you could switch it up with a new colour a couple of years down the line.  Why not?


Asphalt is not an uncommon material - not by a long stretch.  While the pigments may not be so common, they're easy enough for specialist companies to get their hands on.  This means that you're bound to have lots of options with regards to suppliers; you can take time and care to select the best quote from the best local provider, feeling confident in the fact that you're getting an excellent job for a good price.  This can be more difficult with techniques and materials that are harder to locate.  Equally, this means that you've got lots of options for maintenance and repair work too, should either ever be required.

Essentially, coloured asphalt combines the best of both worlds for you - the aesthetic you want, and the hard-wearing practicality of a traditional driveway material.  It's a great way to update the look and feel of your home.  Now, all there is to decide is which colour you want to go for...


24 August 2017

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