Essential Tools You Can Look up For House demolitions

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When houses get old and out-of-date or rotten due to some infection that has to be stopped, part of it has to be demolished and replaced to either keep up with the trends or prevent further contamination respectively. Say for instance you have a termite infestation and you only notice this after they have done a number on your floorboards. The best way to address this would be to call fumigators after which you will have to rework the floorboards according to the damage done. You might also want to take down that wall in your house to provide for an open plan kitchen which is trending at the moment. This also calls for some house demolition to provide the space required for remodelling.  The demolition process might look like a fun and exciting exercise from outside, but it requires more than power equipment and knocking down walls and structures. When performing a house demolition, one will need tools such as a reciprocating saw, a jackhammer as well as an angle grinder.

  1. A Reciprocating Saw – One can go without a reciprocating saw during a demolition. However, it is required to offer precision demolition which does not involve incessant knocking at the walls. The tool comes along with a reciprocating blade that moves back and forth and is ideal for cutting requirements. With the use of the right blade, the tool can cut wood, shingles as well as steel. The reciprocating saw is employed by those who require a neat job done, those who intend just to take off a small part of the structure as well as those avoiding a lot of chaos during their demolition. Instead of breaking off a plank of wood using a hammer, a reciprocating saw would be used to deliver more precise and neat results.
  2. Jackhammers – Another significant demolition tool when it comes to the breaking down of masonry or concrete structures is the jackhammer. This is one of the most common tools when it comes to demolition as an individual hammer packs the power of taking down an entire concrete slab. They offer ultimate demolition and efficient results when we consider the amount of work done as well as the time required. When looking to, however, break tiles from either a masonry or a wood substrate, then the best tool would be a smaller hammer as this would only provide the minimum impact required to get the job done effectively.
  3. Angle Grinder – Another essential tool during the process of home demolitions is the agile grinder which is a tool mostly known for welding purposes. The tool can be used to cut out metals such as rusted bolts. It can also be utilised when it comes to sanding wood with only the right grinder. The angle grinder, however, has to be handled with care as a slight accident can be fatal.


18 September 2017

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