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In construction, building inspectors are responsible for ensuring that buildings within their assigned jurisdictions are safe for occupation and conform to the building code. Their jurisdictions are set by the regional governments and planning they work for. They also inspect and approve new buildings and projects that are being remodeled. If you have some property you would like to purchase or remodel, you can call for the services of a private building inspector to look over the property and offer sound advice on your options. Here are a few services offered by building inspection services:

Assessment of new or planned structures-- An inspector's primary goal is to enforce the building code which is designed to create a certain standard of quality in safety and construction. Depending on the region or area the property aesthetic may also be addressed in the code.  When a new structure is built, an inspector is called in to examine it and confirm that it is safe and ready to use.

Once it is approved, it can be sold or occupied. Most of the time, with new structures, inspectors evaluate the plan first and try to remedy any issues before the construction begins.

Due to the nature of an ever-changing structural and environmental climate, the building code keeps changing and this means that inspectors need to be up to date on the new requirements and alterations to the code to ensure that they asses buildings to the approved standards.

Exterior and interior assessment of an existing structure— the exterior and interior of a property are the first items that will be checked by an inspector. They begin with the site perimeter and go round checking the land, roofing systems and parking lot for structural soundness and safety levels. Issues such as defects and foundational problems need to be assessed and documented in a detailed report that states the property's sustainability. This report can be used by potential buyers or the agency involved.

The interior of a building carries the bulk of information in a building inspection report as the specifications matter the most to clients. A report of the number of rooms and their condition is noted while things such as plumbing, electric and ventilation are evaluated to make they meet the set standards and are fit for occupation.

Check violations—after application for a permit to build or remodel a building, an inspector is involved in ensuring that the entire process is done safely, legally and up to par with the code. Any violations such as unauthorized additions while remodeling or structural hazards can be flagged and the construction stopped to rectify the mistakes. There is usually a set period of time for correcting violations or face penalties.

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18 September 2017

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