Second Life: The Benefits Of Choosing Reclaimed Timber For Your Hardwood Flooring

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In the rapidly changing and often confusing world of interior design, there are still a few things that never go out of style, and sturdy, beautiful hardwood flooring is one of them. The perfect marriage of style and substance, hardwood flooring is as attractive as it is durable, and when properly chosen and installed, it can retain its remarkable looks for years or even decades.

However, hardwood flooring is also sold at some pretty eye-watering prices, and flooring larger rooms with brand-new hardwood floorboards may be beyond the reach of many homeowners. Consequently, more and more interior designers are turning to reclaimed hardwood flooring, but this exceptional recycled product isn't merely chosen for its lower prices. Here are just some of the many benefits installing reclaimed hardwood flooring can bestow upon your home:


Reclaimed hardwood floorboards are sold at a fraction of the price of their newly carved counterparts, even when they have barely been used and are practically indistinguishable from new floorboards. This doesn't just allow you to pick up a bargain; it also places rarer and more expensive woods well within your price range. For the price of a new set of spruce or pine hardwood floorboards, you may be able to pick up reclaimed boards made of teak, mahogany and other highly sought-after woods.


Just because you can pick up new-looking reclaimed floorboards doesn't mean you have to, and many reclaimed floorboards have a more weathered, unique appearance. When floorboards of many different ages and from many different original locations are combined, they create a strikingly distinctive and attractive floor that new floorboards cannot hope to replicate. This look works particularly well in traditionally styled homes.

Timber quality

Modern environmental regulations mean that most new hardwood flooring is made from quickly-grown plantation wood, which tends to be a little softer and more fragile than timber taken from old-growth trees. By choosing older reclaimed timber floorboards, you can get the exceptional quality and hardness of old-growth wood at the same prices as newer plantation woods.

Environmentally friendly

All forms of recycling benefit the environment in one way or another, and recycling timber floorboards is no exception. Installing reclaimed floorboards can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, and it allows you to choose rare, protected tropical timbers (such as mahogany and ipe) without paying extortionate prices or resorting to illegally logged timber. 

Warp resistant

The fresher a piece of timber is, the more vulnerable it is to warping under excessively hot and dry conditions, and new timber floorboards are no exception. Reclaimed timber has had many more years to dry and cure, and it is therefore much less vulnerable to warping. It is particularly resistant to warping caused by repairs after flooding, and it can be used alongside radiators and other heating elements with confidence.


24 October 2017

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