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Building your own home is an achievement most people strive towards, but, unfortunately, the high cost of living may make it quite difficult to achieve. However, although construction costs can be expensive, some people may not realise that their preferences are what are inflating the price of the home build. By being practical as well as frugal, you could find that your dream of constructing your own home may be much easier to accomplish than you initially thought. Here are a couple of handy tips that newbie potential homeowners can utilise for an affordable custom home build.

Tip 1 - You do not need all that space

A typical design flaw that new homeowners make is trying to make their home build as big as their budget will allow. However, what they are not considering is that a lot of space does not necessarily translate into a functional home. Focusing on large rooms and extra storage rooms means investing more in building supplies. Moreover, the bigger the house is, the higher the chances that some rooms will be relegated to storing clutter rather than being used for practical purposes.

Instead, you should base your house design on what your immediate and potential future needs will be. For instance, if you plan to start a family, you may consider additional bedrooms that will have dual functions such as a home office that can easily be converted into a nursery. On the other hand, rather than having both a basement and an attic, you should decide which one would be more functional for you.

Tip 2 - Complex does not mean modern

Another mistake to avoid is assuming that for your home to be contemporary, it should be characterised by a highly sophisticated design. Some people will include a broad range of designs, such as zigzagging floor plans and multiple nooks and corners in an attempt to make their interior of their home unique. Complexity in the structural organisation of the property is not limited to the inside of the house, though. Numerous roof gables and attachments such as turrets do not serve you any functional purpose and would only be for the visual benefit of your neighbours.

A financially viable approach would be to be as minimal as possible with your floor plan. Open plan layouts are steadily gaining popularity with Australian homeowners because this alternative makes your interior appear spacious, and you also use fewer materials for your custom home build by eliminating unnecessary walls. 

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31 October 2017

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