Three Crucial Tips for Maintaining Your Sewage Pump Station

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Pump stations are essential elements which are designed to move wastewater from an area of low elevation to higher ground. In general, these lift stations are built with resilient components to ensure durability. Therefore, you can expect prolonged service under ideal circumstances. However, if the station is neglected, the pumping mechanism will fail, and the attached components will experience accelerated degradation. In addition, the wastewater receiving well or tank could become clogged and compromised. Therefore, you must be diligent in performing proper maintenance for optimal functionality and ideal property safety. Here are some practical tips to help you keep your pump station clean and in excellent condition.

Clean Out the Well

You should clean the well in your pump station on a periodic basis to ensure better performance of the system. In general, the wastewater which will flow into the sewage setup will be filled with grease and other solid residues. If the solids build up over time, the functionality of these units will be compromised. Therefore, you should have a schedule for pumping and cleaning out your wet well. Ideally, you should invest in special cleaning solutions designed for sewer stations for ideal results. Also, you should consider hiring an expert for the process. 

Examine Your Impellers

The impeller is a critical component in a sewage pumping station. In simple terms, this component is responsible for keeping the wastewater moving to the desired elevation or location. If this element fails, the sewage will not be able to move. In some cases, the waste material will back up in the station, and the entire pump could be compromised. Therefore, you should make time to inspect the condition of the impeller. You should ensure that the unit is clean and free of damage. If you notice inefficient movement, dents and tears, you should commission immediate repairs. Severe damage might necessitate replacement.

Maintain the Check Valves

You should assess the condition of the check valves in your pumping stations regularly. Typically, check valves are installed in the pumping mechanism to prevent the discharged water in the station from flowing backwards or reversing. The backflow can occur if the pump malfunctions and stops unexpectedly. You should inspect the valves to make sure that they are working as expected. During your inspection, you should bring some lubricant to apply to the check valves in case the units are dry.

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22 February 2018

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