Two Ways To Remove Excess Soil From A Construction Boring Project

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During outdoor renovations at home, there is often excess material left over that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. As someone who is taking advantage of the spring weather to have a directional hole bored, ready for a new water well, you're wondering what to do about the excess dirt created by drilling work. Here are two ways to get rid of excess soil created during a direction drilling projection.

Make Money By Selling It

There are plenty of other homeowners renovating their gardens during spring who have a need for the excess soil. Placing an ad in your local buy/sell group on Facebook, or in an online market such as Gumtree, means the sale of your soil is visible to those in your immediate area. Information about the soil helps others quickly decide whether it is beneficial to them. For example:

  • what is the price per square metre?
  • is the soil sandy or filled with clay?
  • how much soil do you have available to sell?
  • is pick up required or can you deliver?
  • is there an extra fee for delivery if that is an option?

Include closeup photos of the soil so interested buyers can see exactly what they are getting for their money. If you don't want to sell the soil, there is another option for it.

Reuse The Soil For Other Projects

Nobody wants to be unfriendly to the environment these days, so reusing the excess soil for other projects is a way to recycle the surplus dirt. There are two main ways you can reuse this leftover soil:

  • Take advantage of the spring growing weather to create new gardens for vegetables or flowers. Build garden boxes or raised gardens and fill in this space with the extra soil you now have.
  • Level out sloped areas in the garden which have always annoyed you. For example, if there is a small slope at the back of the garden which leads down to a fence, use the excess soil to level out the slope. You can then plant grass seed which will grow quickly in this weather.

If these two soil use ideas don't appeal to you, speak to the contractor in charge of the project to see if they have a need for the excess soil. They may just have another project coming up which they need the soil for, and they will then happily take it off your hands and off your property.


28 September 2018

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