Three Important Considerations for Installing Your Scaffolding Equipment

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If you are planning on hiring a scaffolding system for your construction work, you should think about the access requirements. In simple terms, it is important to acquire a system that will provide expedient elevated access during the building processes. You must ensure that the scaffold can reach the desired maximum height during the construction operations.

In addition, your chosen scaffold should be able to support the potential total weight that will be exerted. However, you should note that the performance and safety of the scaffolding do not depend entirely on the choice of system. The installation process will also dictate the reliability of the scaffold. Here are essential tips for setting up scaffolding for optimal safety.

Understand the Standards

Scaffolding systems are complicated and intricate structures that must be set up correctly to achieve the best results during construction. Therefore, there are standards in place to ensure that the equipment performs optimally. These regulations are also in place to promote safety. In general, it is advisable to engage a qualified contractor with experience in at-height equipment setup for the installation. A specialist will have a clear grasp of the standards and minimise the risks of having a subpar access system.

Consider the Environment

You should evaluate the environment surrounding the site on which you intend to install your scaffold. If there are significant hazards on the site, you must manage the problems to ensure successful setup. For instance, you should determine whether the ground is stable enough to support a mobile or stationary scaffold. If the ground is shifty, you might need to consider reinforcing the ground to create a stable base for the system. It is also important to avoid overhead dangers like trees and electrical lines.

Install Fall Protection

Scaffolds are reliable for use in construction sites when the right systems are selected and installed properly. However, you must still take precautions to guard against fall accidents. This means that you should provide your elevated access workers with protective equipment. An ideal system should prevent workers from falling. In addition, there should be a system to catch them in case they do fall from height. There are different protective products to consider for scaffolds. Discuss all compatible options for your scaffold and choose the most suitable for your worksite needs.

Finally, you should plan on shielding the people working or passing below the scaffold from injuries resulting from falling objects like tools and building materials. Therefore, when setting up your equipment, install netting for reliable protection. 

For more tips, contact a scaffolding hire company. 


26 February 2019

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