Why Your Replacement Windows Should Be Double Glazed


Energy efficiency has become a top priority among a majority of Australian homeowners. Rising electric costs couple with climate changes have translated into extreme weather patterns every passing year. However, just because you cannot control the weather, does not mean you cannot control the ambient temperatures in your home.

The best way to do this is by tackling the problem from the part of your house that is responsible for these temperatures changes and that is your windows. You may have been thinking of replacing your windows due to damage or simply because you want to engage in energy conservation at home. Whatever your reason, here are two main reasons why your replacement windows should be double glazed.

Mitigating heat gain and loss

One of the primary reasons why double glazed windows are becoming a staple in Australian households is their ability to prevent both the loss and the gain of heat inside your house. The double glazing comprises two panes of glass sandwiching a layer of gas. This gas layer is what makes the double glazed windows efficient since the gas acts as a vacuum that traps any heat that is dissipating from or penetrating into your home.

Hence, by opting to double glaze your new windows, you are effectively enduring that your indoor temperatures remain somewhat steady since the exterior conditions will not have a direct impact on your house. This characteristic is perfect for both the winter and the summer seasons.

Reduced condensation on your windows

Another fascinating way that double glazed windows will be advantageous to your home is with their uncanny ability to reduce the amount of condensation collecting on your windows and the frames themselves dramatically. Condensation occurs when there is a drastic change in temperature between the interior and the exterior. When your home is warm, the moisture droplets in the air are vaporised. However, once the air comes into direct contact with the cool window, due to low temperatures outdoors, the vapour cools and forms water droplets on the windows.

You may be thinking that condensate is innocuous, but this is not the case. If you have timber frames, the condensate steadily seeps into the wood and will eventually cause the frames to rot. Double glazed windows will be the perfect replacement since they reduce the degree at which condensation forms. Since there is the gas layer in between the panes, the interior pane will be at room temperature. Therefore, you will not be at risk of having to replace your frames.

Talk with a contractor about putting in double glazed windows to your home for these benefits. 


14 May 2019

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