Your Essential Guide to Residential Wastewater Design

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For homes that won't be connected to the municipal wastewater system, designing an on-site wastewater management system is essential. In coming up with the design of the system, there are many different factors to consider. 

Here's a look at some of the key variables to consider when designing the appropriate wastewater management system for your new home.

Site Conditions

How much land is available for installation of the system? Which type of soil is found on the property? How high or low is the water table? The amount of land you have, soil characteristics and the depth of the water table are some of the key site conditions to assess when designing a water management system.

If the soil doesn't absorb water quickly when it rains, more land may be needed for the disposal field. Likewise, higher water tables can affect treatment by decreasing the volume of unsaturated soil available for treatment.

Access to the proposed site will also need to be considered. For example, will heavy trucks be able to access the site for installation and periodic maintenance? 

The local climate can also impact the design of your wastewater treatment system. Like higher water tables, higher temperatures such as those experienced in coastal areas can also affect treatment by decreasing the volume of unsaturated soil available.

System Capacity

How big or small is your household? The number of people that will be using your wastewater treatment system is also an important consideration. In determining the appropriate capacity of your system, you first need to establish how the blackwater and greywater will be discharged. Will they be discharged together or separately?

Depending on your needs, the system should have adequate capacity to operate a year or so before requiring septic tank pump-outs. Also, the system should be able to cope with temporary overloads and peak discharge rates. 

Local Authority Regulatory Requirements

What does your local or municipal council require with regards to wastewater treatment system installations? Check with your local council to know what's allowed and what's not allowed. Note that compliance with local council rules and regulations is required to obtain approvals.

Wastewater management systems ensure safe collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater from buildings. With the above guide to wastewater design, you now know what's considered in coming up with the appropriate design for a new home. To ensure you get the design right the first time, seek out a wastewater design service.


25 June 2019

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