Brief Buyer's Guide When Selecting Your First Ride-on Mower


An unkempt garden will do have a drastically negative impact on the kerb appeal of your property, so mowing your lawn is one chore that you cannot ignore. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it has to be an arduous process for you! The advent of ride-on mowers has made mowing much easier than having to push this equipment in front of you. To guide you with your decision, below are a few of the things to consider when selecting your first ride-on mower. 

The size of your yard

A blunder some people make is opting for the largest ride-on mower that fits within their budget rather than taking the size of their lawn into consideration first. The best place to start is by taking the acreage of your property into consideration. Once this is established, you will then have to factor in the terrain of your land since different specifications will be for hilly terrain as compared to a flat yard. Once these factors have been established, you can then deliberate on which ride on mower is of the perfect dimension to facilitate easy navigation around your property! These factors can be confusing to determine on your own, so it is in your best interests to have a landscaping contractor on your side to make accurate decisions for you.

The ride-on mower's transmission system

Similar to vehicles, you need to select the right ride-on mower based on the transmission's capacity. The first option available to you is the manual transmission, which needs to be handled manually if you want to change the speed of the mower. The second option is the automatic transmission, which is easy to manoeuvre since you only need to push down on the mower's pedal to adjust the speed of the vehicle. Lastly, you could opt for the hydrostatic variety, which is considered the best transmission for a ride on mower since it employs fluid to create the power needed by the mower. Hydrostatic transmissions also tend to offer a longer lifespan to ride-on mowers when compared to the other transmission systems available.

The ride-on mower's horsepower

Horsepower is another critical consideration to have when buying your first ride on mower since this has a direct influence on the degree of power the mower will provide you with. The horsepower is determined by the transmission system's power coupled with the type of blades outfitted on the mower. The horsepower that you will need will be dependent on the degree of efficiency you will require to maintain a pristine yard.


15 July 2019

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