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Design is an essential aspect of commercial building construction. Unique designs and state-of-the-art amenities make your building attractive to renters. Besides, they will be ready to pay more rent. Read this guide for some commercial building design tips. 

Choosing a Building Material

Several factors will come into play when choosing a building material. For instance, bricks and concrete have a high thermal mass. As such, they are ideal for cold climates. Besides, they allow you to play around with different designs. These materials are heavy. Therefore, you will require to use heavy-duty steel bars. Some people will choose to reduce the weight of the building by using glass or expanded polystyrene. Lightweight aluminium trusses are easy to install and durable compared to wood, which is prone to rot and pest attack.

Incorporate Inspiration

The exterior design of your building should have some inspiration. For instance, it could be inspired by natural features such as mountains and lakes. It could also be living creatures such as animals and animal skeletons. As a rule, people should resonate with the building design. Not everyone will understand your inspiration. However, the building exterior should be intriguing, beautiful and engaging. 

Energy Efficiency

People are increasingly becoming environmentally friendly. As such, most architects and designers will want to make the building eco-friendly. For instance, they could incorporate glass to allow the flow of natural light. Besides, the building should have a smart air conditioning system that enables tenants to adjust temperatures remotely. You could also install insulation and double-glazed windows to prevent the building from losing heat. Solar panels will help reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Some modern buildings will have advanced analytic systems that provide real-time information regarding energy use. It helps reduce energy wastage. For instance, the system could warn you if the AC system is set beyond the recommended temperatures. 

Interior Design

Below are some interior design tips for your commercial building: 

Open spaces will allow your tenants to customise their offices and retail space to suit their needs. Alternatively, you could consider temporary walls.

Consider amenities such as kitchens, lounges and children playing areas on each floor. They will help improve the comfort of your tenants and create a sense of community.

Most of your tenants will use electronic devices such as computers and LED screens. Strategically placed sockets will reduce the cables running on their office floors.

The entrance, exit, hallways and elevators must be spacious. It ensures your clients have an easy time bringing in their furniture and electronics. 

When designing a commercial building, consider the building materials, incorporate inspiration, make the building eco-friendly and observe the recommended interior design tips.  


9 December 2020

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