Two Tips to Follow When Getting Pallets for a Construction Project

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Here are a few tips to follow when getting pallets for a construction project.

Get pallets that are a little larger than necessary

It's best to get larger pallets than is technically necessary, given the size of the building materials you'll be putting on them. Sometimes, despite doing your best to securely tie the building supplies to the pallet to stop them from falling off it when you're transporting it, these items may still slide away from their original position. If there is no pallet space surrounding them and, because of this, they slide onto the edge, the chances of the pallet becoming unbalanced and tipping over, or of the items in question sliding off it, will be quite high.

Conversely, if you get roomy pallets, on which you can pile your building materials and still have some space around the pallet's outer edges, there will be less chance of these accidents happening. This is important. If some materials get broken as a result of falling off the pallet or if the pallet itself gets damaged when it tips over, you might have to halt the construction of the feature that you had planned to build with those materials for a few days or, in the case of the damaged pallet, you may have to make do with fewer pallets, which might result in the transportation of your building supplies around the site taking far longer.

Don't use secondhand pallets for your heaviest building materials

Using secondhand pallets is a great way to cut costs, and most of them are perfectly fine to use for lightweight construction materials. However, if you need to transport heavy building materials (like dozens of concrete blocks or several bags of cement), you should use new pallets for these items.

Secondhand pallets that have already been subjected to these heavy loads many times before, and may have been exposed to environmental conditions that weakened the wood (such as rain and ultraviolet rays). They might not be as strong as newer pallets. Because of this, their slats are more likely to bow if put under large amounts of pressure. The bowing of the pallet may make it hard to keep the materials on it steady, as they won't be on a level surface. This may result in some items tumbling off it. As such, it's best to use the secondhand pallets for your lighter materials and the new pallets for your heavier supplies.


28 May 2021

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