Considerations When Hiring A Builder

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A builder's services are vital when building property or improving your current home. As a rule, you need to vet the builder to ensure they are the right fit for the project. Below is an extract with some tips to help you choose a builder

Project Suitability

Is the builder suitable for your project? Examine the following; 

  • Inquire whether the builder has engaged in similar projects. It is especially so when the construction works involve complex works such as building retaining walls, retrofitting homes or building swimming pools.
  • Can the builder offer comprehensive services? For example, can they organise geotechnical surveys and building design works?
  • When is the builder available? If you are in a rush (suppose you want to flip the property), you need a builder who can commence building within a short period.
  • Does the builder have a licence from construction authorities and the local council? Remember, licencing protects you since you can follow up with authorities and professional associations in case of a dispute. 


The builder's certifications give insights into their skills and professionalism. For instance, certifications from construction and engineering bodies indicate the builder undertakes regular training and assessments to ensure they offer the best services and incorporate the latest building technologies. Conversely, a builder accredited by construction material manufacturers has access to the latest building materials at a reasonable cost. 

Local Networks

Does the builder have access to local networks? It can significantly ease the construction process. For instance, it makes it easy for the builder to access plant and construction equipment such as excavators and scaffolds. Moreover, the builder can easily outsource services such as plumbing and electrical wiring. The builder might need a permit to work on your property in some cases. For instance, they might need a permit from a utility company to move an underground electrical line. Locally-based builders know whom to contact when they need these permits. 


Construction work does not always give the intended results. For instance, take a situation where the foundation begins to sink a few weeks after construction. Moreover, a retaining wall could collapse after installation. Your builder must guarantee their work to prevent you from undertaking repairs caused by construction errors and incompetence. Furthermore, the contractor must have insurance coverage to compensate you for property damages caused by accidents at the site. If the builder hires subcontractors, they too should be insured. 

When hiring a builder, assess their project suitability, certifications, access to local networks and guarantees. 


16 May 2022

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