3 considerations for finding an explosive supplier

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The commercial explosives industry has becoming significantly more technologically over the past few decades, with chemical innovations driving new explosive materials providing more reliable, predictable and safer explosions. Whether you're buying for a surface quarry, or deep mining exploration project, finding an explosive supplier is easier than ever before. The challenge however, is finding the right explosive supplier for your business and the project you're working on.

It is a common misconception that every explosive supplier is similar, quite the contrary. They will produce their own different lines of explosive, and will have developed these specifically for different industries. Some may focus on one geographical market, and therefore have superior expertise in dealing with that climate, but other may have worked all around the globe and therefore have more experience to draw on. While selecting an explosive supplier will never be an impulse buy, here are some key considerations for helping you to narrow down your options and find the right company for your project.

Trial runs and test experiments

Explosives operate very differently in the lab and in test situations compared to the 'real world' environment of an industrial site. It is important therefore that your explosive supplier is able to develop test experiments and trial runs to ensure that they are able to provide the right material to achieve the results you want. Particular considerations hear could include a variable climate and differences between types of rock, for example, across parts of the country, sandstone exposed to one environment could react unexpectedly with the explosive material.

Hire a project manager, not just a button-pusher

Today's explosive projects have become more complex, more regulated and more technical than ever before. The explosive supplier you chose should have kept up with these changes in the market and be able to offer a wide range of project management and co-ordination tasks to make sure your project runs smoothly. Most will offer a range of technical services, such as geological analysis and blast planning to help you get the best cost efficiency and results you can.

Relevant industry experience

While an explosive supplier should be able to turn their hand to any blast situation, it is often better to select a contractor who has experience working within your particular field. If they have carried out blasts on similar sites before, they will be more in tune with potential pitfalls and mistakes than someone who has previously only worked in mining for example, and is now trying to blast a residential construction site in an urban area.

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