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If you have ever bought a new home or another property, then you will probably have seen the surveyor's report, but how much attention did you really pay to it? You probably simply skimmed through it and noted that there were no significant issues that should prevent you making the purchase. It isn't until you actually want to build on your land or to purchase some land with the intention of building on it that a land surveyor's report becomes significantly more important to you and you start paying attention to all the details that you barely glanced at in the past.

Why do you need to read your land surveyor's report?

The first information that your surveyor's report can tell you is where your property boundaries are. The surveyor will get out their theodolites and measure the horizontal and vertical planes of your land and precisely fix the boundaries of your land. This might seem like a minor detail, but having proof of exactly where your land ends and your neighbour's property begins is essential to avoid border disputes and ownership claims that could cost your company thousands in the future. This information is, of course, contained in your deeds, but working out what that actually looks like on the ground isn't always as obvious and clear cut and you might like. Having the results of a carefully measured survey is essential to demonstrate what you own.

Getting your building right

Property boundaries are just one item that will be included in your surveyors report. If you are planning to construct any building on your property, you must be able to pinpoint the exact location of your proposed building, what it will look like and how it will fit into the neighbourhood in relation to the surrounding buildings. It is your land surveyor's report which will provide much of this documentation. The topographical data will be used to support the application you must submit to the Planning Commission. If you don't employ a surveyor to do this correctly and the information you submit to the Planning Commission is wrong, or if you choose to ignore the report and build in a different location, then you face having to tear down your newly constructed property at your own expense.

Choosing professional land surveyors is the most effective way to avoid legal problems with your building project and to get your building erected in the right way and in the right place. Talk to your surveyors to today and see how easy it is to get the surveyor's report you need. They have the right knowledge and experience to guide your building application to a successful conclusion.


28 June 2018

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