Signs Your Business Needs Waterproofing

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Is your business smelling a little musty? Although many people associate waterproofing with keeping basements dry, it's a technique that can prevent dampness anywhere in your building. When you use commercial waterproofing, you can prevent expensive repairs in the future and maintain a more hygienic environment today. Aside from musty smells and the presence of mould, there are other warning signs you should look out for.

Efflorescence is making its way into your walls

When dampness becomes prominent throughout your property, it will push water into the microscopic spaces within bricks and concrete. Eventually, warm weather finds a way to make it evaporate. When this happens, any salt that was in the water will remain in place, resulting in white stains and patches on your walls. If you're seeing salty white stains and patches, you need to use a commercial waterproofing service before the problem affects your building's structure.

Bowing ceilings and walls

Bowing ceilings and walls are a sign that water has been seeping into important structural spaces for a while. Although you may associate this sight with a sudden flood, insidious leaks that are difficult to detect can have the same effect. Depending on the colour of the room or ceiling, you may also see signs of damp if you look closely. This usually means areas where the paintwork is slightly darker than everything else surrounding it. This symptom indicates that there's quite a severe structural defect, and depending on where your utilities run, there's a chance of damage to the electric system. Respond promptly by resolving the dampness and using a waterproofing service to prevent further incidents.

Hairline cracks are appearing

You may descend into a state of panic if you see a hairline crack. Fortunately, this can be one of the least serious symptoms of dampness. Sometimes hairline cracks appear as a result of increasing hydrostatic pressure, which could mean that water is building up somewhere but it isn't affecting your building's structure yet. If this is the case, responding to them quickly by calling out a professional could prevent major problems entirely. You're most likely to see cracks in floors, walls and ceilings, so consider performing regular checks if your building is old.

Whether you're seeing an early sign of damp or you believe the problem is getting out of control, turning to commercial waterproofing sooner rather than later is essential. The faster you act, the more cost-effective your repairs will be. 


14 December 2018

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