Empire Grass: 3 Questions That Should Cross Your Mind When Installing It


You can create an eye-catching lawn in many ways. Buying turf is the most brilliant idea for homeowners today since it doesn't take long to get an established lawn. Moreover, most turf suppliers are professionals in installing it. Everyone wants to have an almost-instant lawn, and that's why they look for reputable turf suppliers to buy turfs such as palmetto turf or empire grass. Here are some questions that should cross your mind when getting empire grass from turf suppliers:

Is the Soil Well Prepared?

Most soils will not support a healthy lawn if you don't prepare them. Soils with compacted clay don't allow efficient water and air penetration to the roots. Too acidic or alkaline soils will also not be good for your turf. It's sad to note that some soils are just good at growing weeds. So you must first make your soil ready for the turf you are about to install. How do you go about it? Prepare a sandy loam since it's the best for a lush, healthy lawn, and ensure its pH is about 5.0 to 7.0. Add some lime if the pH of the soil is below 5.0 and sulphur or gypsum if its pH is above 7.5. The depth of the soils should be 15cm to enhance a firm surface.

How Will the Turf Be Laid?

Most turf suppliers supply empire grass or palmetto turf as slabs or rolls. Most experienced turf suppliers recommend the staggered brickwork pattern when laying turf since it makes it's easier to push the strips together without stretching, gaps or overlaps. Don't stretch the turf or kneel on it when laying it on the prepared soil area. Start at the yard's outer edges and move toward the centre to avoid having some smaller turf pieces on the perimeter where they dry out quickly. Use a sharp secateurs or knife to cut the turf and never rip it. Plant the turf across the slope if your yard is sloppy and water it immediately.

Why Is Rolling and Mowing Important?

Let experts in turf installation and maintenance roll your new lawn since they have the right lawn rollers and techniques for this task. Rolling will remove any small bumps, squeeze out air pockets, firm down the turf and bond the roots to the soil. Some lawn rollers have water reservoirs while others have spikes for aeration. Then mow the turf two or three weeks afterwards since the ground will be firmer. Use sharp blades and the correct mower setting to mow the grass to strengthen its root system and influence robust growth.

Now you know how you can easily get a fresh, green lawn at any season. It all starts with getting suitable turf from reliable suppliers. They recommend what you should do to have a beautiful, healthy and robust lawn and maintain it. Most turf suppliers offer a professional approach to any of the above concerns just to ensure nothing goes wrong when installing empire grass.


15 July 2019

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