Why Land Survey Is Crucial For Homebuyers

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Buying or selling a property involves many processes, and land surveying is one of them. The survey reveals several aspects of the land, helping you to decide whether the ground is ideal for you. Some banks even ask for land surveys before they finance any property. So if you are planning to buy new land, subdivide it or construct it, this guide will be helpful to you. 

Reasons why you need a land survey

A land survey helps to prevent future problems. Possible encroachments on the property, such as the neighbour's fence, building, or wall, could become significant threats. The survey identifies them and provides possible solutions.

A property corner might be missing. If you intend to put a fence around your land, you will need to identify the exact property lines. If you fail to do this, you could fence your neighbour's area and suffer financial or legal burdens in the future.

A land survey protects your investment. Surveying reveals the property dimensions, location, and size of the home in the property. A survey also notes other improvements that you can make on the land to make it more useful.

A detailed land survey discloses any underground ponds, rivers, lakes, and even cemeteries.

The cost of a land survey

Your local land surveyor will give you free estimates on your property surveying. When determining the costs, many factors come in. Some of these factors include the type of survey you need, type of property terrains, the size of land, and much more.  

How to reduce the land surveying cost

When shopping around for the survey prices, some factors will help you reduce the cost. For instance, you can reduce the amount by ensuring that the property lines remain unobstructed before hiring the land surveyor. Most land surveyors in Australia work on an hourly basis, so making the property lines clear would reduce the survey time.

What to look for in a land surveyor

Ensure that the land surveyor is insured and licensed. If a mistake occurs during the process, you will have peace of mind knowing an insurance company will take care of everything. Also, select a competent land surveyor who has been in the market for an extended period. 

Land surveying is one of the most important steps for buying a property. It helps you to identify potential issues in the land, thus helping you to make the right purchasing decision. Find as a reputable land surveyor and enjoy the peace of mind associated with being a landowner.


15 October 2019

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