Three Guidelines to Follow When Planning Freezer Room Construction

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Freezer rooms are a crucial part of businesses that deal with perishable goods. If you are running a restaurant, grocery store or other business which needs your goods to stay fresh, you should think of refrigeration when constructing the business premises. It is advisable to hire a competent contractor to handle the planning and implementation of the cold room plan. Different businesses will have their own unique cold room requirements. You, therefore, need to discuss your specific needs. Here are three items that every freezer room project will need.

The Minimum and Maximum Temperature

There are minimal and maximum temperatures associated with these rooms. It is important that you discuss your temperature requirements with the refrigeration contractors so they can decide on the appropriate cooling unit for your business. If you are not sure about your minimum and maximum temperature specifications, you just need to describe the nature of your business to a competent contractor, and they will be able to guide you in selecting the most appropriate unit for your needs.

The Space That You Need

The other crucial consideration to make in the planning stages of the freezer room is the space you have available. The size of the freezer room will depend on the size of the building and on the space that you have allocated for different activities. It is advisable to always make sure that you allocate room sizes according to your needs. Note that it is possible to build a cold room as a stand-alone and separate structure from your main business premises, if the business allows such an arrangement.

Environmental Control Measures

The third crucial requirement which you have to make when dealing with cold rooms is limiting the interaction between the inside of the cold room and the environment. There are certain business types which will require you to have a complete seal that protects the interior of the cold room from environmental temperatures. In hospital and hotel environments, you will need additional measures to keep conditions such as moisture out of the room. Communicate this to the construction team so that they can put the right measures in place.

Other conditions that you might have to think about include mobility for cases where you may need to dismantle the cold rooms and transport them. It is advisable to discuss all these conditions with your contractor. They will decide on the best options for your business and help you implement them. Contact a company that offers freezer room construction services to learn more.


30 November 2019

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