Types of Foundation Crack Repair

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Structural damage to your foundation can cause many problems, and it can be a safety hazard for occupants. Poor drainage and poor preparation of the soil are the main causes of a damaged foundation. Whatever the cause of structural damage to a foundation, it can depreciate the value of your home and be an expensive repair. With time, all foundations settle, but when the settling is extreme, it is a warning sign. If you suspect that your foundations have a problem, then consult with a contractor and a structural engineer who can recommend the right type of foundation repair. There are several types of foundation crack repairs, including the following.


This is an expensive repair method, as the foundation is raised through excavation and the use of hydraulic piers. It is, however, a more effective solution as it prevents shifting of a house. In this repair process, piers are installed beneath the house to lift the foundation and support the cement. This process can use either steel piers or helical piers. With the use of steel piers, the process takes less time, and the house is less disturbed. Helical piers are suitable for repairing both exterior and interior foundations. Helical piers are installed by digging a trench around the foundation.

Levelling and Slab Jacking

The contractor drills holes inside the concrete as the first step. In this repair process, a mixture is pumped through the foundation in order to return it back to its original position. This mixture is made by mixing concrete with water and additives. The mixture is then poured through a pump so that it can be pumped into the drilled holes inside the foundation. It is a cost-effective method of repairing a foundation, as it requires less machinery. It is not effective for every repair type, and only a professional can recommend this solution. This process can become ineffective if any structural shifts occurred to your house or the soil around it.


This repair solution is meant to eliminate any moisture and drainage issues affecting the foundation. The cost of this process depends on the level of moisture in the soil and the drainage. You should have an engineer inspect your foundation first in order to determine what needs sealing. This treatment solution covers simple cracks or shrinkage that only requires sealing. Shrinkage in a foundation is common and can be sealed or filled with cement that will expand as it dries.


24 January 2020

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