Why You Should Choose Timber for Your New Home Construction

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If you are having a new home built from scratch and want to make sure that it is finished as soon as possible, you should have a close look at timber frame construction. You'll be able to choose from a variety of different construction methods, but for maximum efficiency, you should think about a structural frame approach. What are the advantages of this solution?


Once you have decided on the configuration and your architects have finished with their calculations, contractors can get to work on the frame itself. They will join sections of hardwood to exterior plates and most often as part of a platform frame. Usually, these frames will be directly attached to the floor and they will build one storey at a time. Once the ground floor has been finished, then they will bring in separate frames to finish any further storeys.

Further Work

Roof trusses which have also been preassembled will then be attached before the outer layers will be introduced. External cladding can be formed from masonry or brickwork, or you may decide to add wooden cladding and shingles instead. This entire structure will then be treated with special weatherproofing membranes to keep the elements at bay, and this is a much easier process than the damp proof course typically required with bricks and mortar.

Time Efficiency

Due to prefabrication, contractors can complete your home in much less time. This will allow you to bring in plasterers and electricians as quickly as possible, who can get to work on your building within a matter of days.


If you do decide to use timber throughout, you will typically find that your home is a lot more efficient from an energy-saving perspective. Timber will absorb heat far more slowly than the alternative, and this should cut down on your energy costs over the course of the year.

Construction Efficiency

Remember, most of the construction work will be performed off-site as engineers create prefabricated sections according to your specification. They will then deliver the sections "just in time," so that your builders can proceed without delay and that you can avoid any storage issues on site.

Structural Timber

Always choose structural timber for your new home construction. While this may be a slightly more expensive approach as compared to other materials, the overall benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Ask your contractors for more information on timber products so that you can make your decision.


6 October 2020

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