6 Factors to Consider When Choosing External Cladding

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External wall cladding is essential to protect homes from harsh weather conditions, improve the appearance of the building and make the home more comfortable. There are many types of cladding available, including tiles, timber, stucco and fibre sheets. Here are a few key factors you should consider when choosing a type of cladding for your home.

1. Protection

The main purpose of external wall cladding is to protect the walls of your home from harsh weather conditions, which may include heavy rain, storms, hail, snow, extreme cold and extreme heat. The right type of cladding should keep out moisture, prevent the walls from expanding or contracting due to changes in temperature and prevent pests from making their homes in the walls of your home.

2. Insulation

In today's energy-conscious world, it is important to insulate your home to reduce the environmental footprint of your home and keep your heating bills low. When choosing cladding for your new home, check the energy ratings for the various options to see which one provides the best insulation. The insulating effect of cladding is important to trap heat inside the home in winter and to keep out the sun's heat in summer so it can help you to save energy and money no matter what climate your local area experiences.

3. Cost

Cost is a factor in any home construction project. Instead of looking purely at the cost of purchasing cladding, consider also the costs of installation and the expected lifespan of the cladding to work out whether it offers good value for money.

4. Ease of Installation

Constructors find it much easier to install lightweight cladding than heavier options. Compare weight per square metre when you are considering which type of cladding to purchase. Cladding that comes in large sheets can also reduce installation time and, therefore, help to keep labour costs low.

5. Appearance

Many people choose timber for their external wall cladding because its natural grain offers unparalleled beauty. The downside is that timber requires more maintenance than some other cladding materials to protect it against rot. Consider options such as tiles that have been designed to enhance the appearance of your home.

6. Maintenance

If you choose timber cladding for your home, you will need to apply a rot-resistant coating to it regularly to protect it against the effects of moisture. Some types of cladding, such as plastic-based tiles, require almost no maintenance. Be sure to consider how much time and money you can commit to maintenance before you choose cladding for your home.

For more information on external cladding, reach out to a general contractor in your area.


10 November 2020

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