Is Your Basement Waterproofed?

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Basements are becoming more and more popular across Australia as people recognise their benefits not just as extra living space, but also as storage space and a foundational support for the home. They can also help insulate the house during summer, keeping it cooler than it otherwise would be. The only problem is that because basements are so low, they can often be affected by dampness from water, both from your home and water that naturally occurs after a rainstorm. You may assume your basement has waterproofing, but in actual fact, many don't. Here are a few ways you can tell that your basement is not waterproofed well.

Cracking Cement

If the floor of your basement is just the cement slab that you installed first, then you should always be looking for cracks that may appear after a few years. Water is one of the most damaging substances to concrete over a long period of time because it can make the concrete weak and cause holes beneath it, which then cracks the cement itself. Waterproofing can help stop this by reducing the chance of water getting through your concrete floor and into the earth below. Don't wait until your whole floor is covered in cracks; get this issue fixed as soon as you can.

Different Texture

Often cement feels quite different if it has no coating on it or if it has not been treated. Raw cement feels very rough and has a brittle surface that can easily chip and cause little bits of concrete shards to remain on the surface. Waterproofing your basement floor not only makes it safer, but also makes it smoother and more enjoyable a surface to walk on. There are also other chemicals that can be applied to your cement floor to make it more comfortable, like epoxy coatings.

Ages Quickly

Cement needs to be treated if you want it to last. While it is very strong, it is easily affected by moisture, which will cause it to age quite poorly if left untreated. From the aforementioned cracks to a change in colour and even sinking and uneven portions of the entire floor, there are many problems that can show themselves if the floor is not waterproofed well. Don't let all your hard-earned money go to waste on a poorly waterproofed basement. Hire someone who provides basement waterproofing solutions and have confidence that your basement will last just as long as the rest of the house. 


25 January 2021

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