Three Reasons Why Home Extensions Are Better Than Building Or Buying A New House

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Australians are compulsive new home-buyers and builders, and it is not unusual for someone to go through several houses during their adult life. Of course, all these changes have costs associated with them, and these can often leave people in a bit of financial strife. That is why more and more Australians are turning to home extensions rather than swapping homes entirely. If you have the itch to move again, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider home extensions instead of a much bigger financial strain. 

Customise To Your Heart's Content

There was a reason you bought your current house, and it was probably that you liked a lot of the room layouts and the overall design. While you may have outgrown it a little bit, you likely still enjoy it and just want a bit of a change, which is understandable. But why waste all the effort and time in this current house only to move again and possibly feel the same way in another five or ten years? Home extensions allow you to add on the parts you are missing while keeping the core house and all the stuff you love the same.

Less Hassle

Even if you do find a home that you love and think is perfect, you will still need to go through a lot of hoops before you can own it, from all the paperwork and loans to the actual, physical moving of your belongings into a moving truck and then out into the new home. This is exhausting stuff, and while having home extensions added on isn't exactly quiet, it is far less intrusive and tiring than moving house. Instead of going through all this effort to move to a new house, simply bring the new house to you through an extension.

Renovate At The Same Time

If it is not just about adding more room, then why not renovate your home at the same time as you add in your new home extensions. From pulling out old carpet and dingey cupboards to upgrading your toilet accessories to more modern variants, there is a lot you can do to make a home feel more modern and to your tastes. Most home extensions contractors are happy to overhaul the rest of your house as well, meaning you get the benefits of a new home without the cost or effort!

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25 January 2021

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