Why You Need To Hire A Lands Surveyor

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Land surveyors are a critical aspect of your commercial or residential construction project. The professionals survey the land and subdivide it to your required specifications. If you are conflicted about hiring a surveyor, read the extract below for some compelling reasons why you need their services.

Subdivision Regulations

Each local council has a set of regulations that govern the subdivision and surveying of land. These regulations ensure controlled development and prevent land from depreciating. Besides, they also guarantee that buyers get value for their money as they purchase a property. When subdividing your land, you are required to submit a subdivision plan detailing how you will divide the plots. The local council will only approve the subdivision if it meets the set requirements. Subdivision laws change every now and then, and it is challenging to keep up with these regulations. Land surveyors are your best bet since they have an ample understanding of these regulations. The surveyor will inform you about the plot size, drainage requirements, slope, access roads and the required amenities. It ensures a speedy process since it is unlikely that the local council will ask for amendments. 

Subdivision And Construction Insights

Land surveyors have a berth of experience when it comes to subdividing property. Therefore, they could give insights that could improve the value of your property. Besides, they will inform you about the current subdivision trends that may not be included in the subdivision regulations. For instance, the surveyor can educate you about suitable land size to ensure future property owners live comfortably. Besides, the surveyor could ask you to allocate space for social facilities such as parking bays and parks. Although these allocations will not be for sale, they can improve the value and demand of the property. 

Following Up With The Relevant Departments

The subdivision process can be tedious. You will have to contact multiple agencies. For example, you need to contact utility service providers if you intend to connect water and gas. Besides, you might require a building surveyor's permit if you want to build amenities such as a swimming pool on the property. Finally, you must make in-depth consultations with the lands department as they assess the subdivision plan. Following up with these agencies can be a hectic process for a developer. Experienced lands surveyors have long-term relationships with the lands department and other related agencies. Therefore, they know whom to call when following up on a specific issue. Besides, they have an idea of how to deal with bureaucracies and speed up the process. 

When subdividing property, your surveyor will inform you about subdivision regulations, give insights on current market trends and follow up with the various agencies. Contact a land surveyor to learn more. 


4 October 2021

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