Choosing a Water Pump for Your Construction Project

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The primary function of a water pump is to move water from one area to another. On construction sites, it's typically used for dewatering — that is, removing excess water from a site so that construction can commence. Water can accumulate on a construction site because of heavy rain or a high groundwater table.

When selecting a water pump for your construction job, you should keep in mind that not all water pumps are created equal. Water pumps come in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different users. Consider these three key factors when weighing up your water pump choices.

1. Pump capacity

When selecting a water pump for dewatering applications, it's important to think about the flow rate required for water to be removed from a construction site quickly. The greater the distance the water travels as it's being removed, the more water horsepower you will require.

More powerful pumps cost more upfront, but they get the job done faster, saving you time on your construction project. 

2. Pump fuel type

Modern dewatering pumps use a variety of fuel sources, including diesel, petrol, hydraulics, electricity and even solar power to operate.

Before choosing a particular fuel type over the others, you should understand the demands of your job. Diesel and hydraulic-powered pumps are generally the most powerful while electric and solar-powered models compensate for their lack of power with zero carbon emissions.    

Consider the availability and cost of different power options, as well as your environmental goals, in determining which pump fuel type suits your construction needs.

3. Pump efficiency 

Bummer — no water pump is 100 percent efficient. Due to friction and other physical losses, the horsepower leaving a pump can never equal the horsepower going into it. To offset these losses, you'll require a pump that's slightly bigger than what you really need. 

While many modern pumps are generally more efficient than their predecessors, pump efficiency can still vary greatly from model to model. 

When choosing your pump, consider investing in a high-efficiency model. High-efficiency water pumps are more expensive to buy, but the long-term energy usage will be significantly lower, resulting in huge savings on energy expenses.

When it comes to purchasing a water pump, it's crucial to make the right choice. The right pump will allow you to remove water quickly and efficiently, increasing your chances of successful project completion. If you need advice and guidance on your pump purchase, you can always consult a local expert.

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21 March 2022

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