What Asphalt Contractors Have to Consider Before Paving

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You need a new asphalt driveway, so you figure workers just need to remove the remnants of the asphalt that's there now and then spread a new layer, right? Adding asphalt is more complicated than that, however, and one step that many homeowners don't even know about is the one in which the contractors have to choose the type of asphalt they need to use. Asphalt integrity and strength are determined by several factors, including ambient temperature, the region you live in and what the ground is normally subject to. If the contractors install the wrong type, then the asphalt can fail quickly. But with the right type of asphalt mixture, you can have a stable paved surface for years.

Regional Seasonal Temperatures

Asphalt mixtures are somewhat customised to the region you live in, specifically due to the average summer and winter temperatures. The mixture reacts differently to heat and cold and needs to be able to handle what your region will regularly throw at it. For example, asphalt used in Darwin and Brisbane needs to put up with more heat, and asphalt used near ski resorts in the south of the country needs to be able to withstand freezing temperatures. The formulation of these types of asphalt differs and allows the asphalt to emerge from each season unscathed by the weather.

Base Flexibility

The ground can move, either because there's seismic activity or because there is a process like erosion or frost heave going on. A base for the asphalt that is inflexible can result in more cracking of the rest of the asphalt layers. If the ground looks like it could be subject to forces that would move the asphalt even a little, then the base needs to have some flexibility to it. Areas subject to lots of flooding may need asphalt made with foamed bitumen, which maintains strength even when submerged after a cyclone.

Application Temperature

Regardless of what your region's average temperatures are during winter and summer, asphalt contractors have to take the current day's temperature into account when installing the asphalt. That is another determining factor regarding what type of asphalt they use. The asphalt mixes used on roads come in hot-mix and cold-mix variations, and the contractors have to ensure that the asphalt they use can be installed that day given the temperature. Luckily, this is such a common issue that it should be easy for the contractor to obtain the right type of asphalt quickly.

Hire a professional contractor to complete the paving job. While pouring asphalt might look simple enough for someone really into do-it-yourself work, there's a lot more that goes into it—and a professional contractor is the best person for the job. 

Contact a local asphalt company for more information. 


27 July 2022

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