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3 Ways Trees Can Damage Your Home's Foundation

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Trees can create shady spots in your garden, help make your home more private and generally enhance the way a property looks. Unfortunately, trees can also damage your home's foundation. It's not something that most people take the time to think about, but damage caused by trees is one of the most common reasons for foundation repair. Given the expense and inconvenience associated with home foundation work—not to mention the risk of considerable property damage when your foundation is compromised—this is something you'll want to avoid.

17 October 2018

Two Ways To Remove Excess Soil From A Construction Boring Project

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During outdoor renovations at home, there is often excess material left over that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. As someone who is taking advantage of the spring weather to have a directional hole bored, ready for a new water well, you're wondering what to do about the excess dirt created by drilling work. Here are two ways to get rid of excess soil created during a direction drilling projection.

28 September 2018

3 Facts that Builders Should Know About Advanced Framing

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Conventional framing techniques often use more materials, which increases the cost of a structure. A typical residential home that is built with traditional framing in mind has 2x6 or 2x4 wood framing members that are spaced at least 16 inches apart. Such homes also have several jack studs, stud corners, double top plates, and multiple headers, coupled with other redundant components. With advanced framing, construction is more resource efficient, leaving extra room for cavity insulation.

5 August 2018

Use a Surveyor and Build the Right Way

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If you have ever bought a new home or another property, then you will probably have seen the surveyor's report, but how much attention did you really pay to it? You probably simply skimmed through it and noted that there were no significant issues that should prevent you making the purchase. It isn't until you actually want to build on your land or to purchase some land with the intention of building on it that a land surveyor's report becomes significantly more important to you and you start paying attention to all the details that you barely glanced at in the past.

28 June 2018

Three Crucial Tips for Maintaining Your Sewage Pump Station

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Pump stations are essential elements which are designed to move wastewater from an area of low elevation to higher ground. In general, these lift stations are built with resilient components to ensure durability. Therefore, you can expect prolonged service under ideal circumstances. However, if the station is neglected, the pumping mechanism will fail, and the attached components will experience accelerated degradation. In addition, the wastewater receiving well or tank could become clogged and compromised.

22 February 2018

3 considerations for finding an explosive supplier

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The commercial explosives industry has becoming significantly more technologically over the past few decades, with chemical innovations driving new explosive materials providing more reliable, predictable and safer explosions. Whether you're buying for a surface quarry, or deep mining exploration project, finding an explosive supplier is easier than ever before. The challenge however, is finding the right explosive supplier for your business and the project you're working on. It is a common misconception that every explosive supplier is similar, quite the contrary.

5 January 2018

What Makes Steel a Greener House Construction Material Than Concrete?

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Deciding to build a home for your family is perhaps the biggest project you will ever undertake during your lifetime, so it is important to get things done properly. Of course, there are lots of details to take into account, but some factors will always take priority over others. If putting up a "green" home is a top priority for you, it is critical that you incorporate this into the design of your house.

4 December 2017

Tips to an Affordable Custom Home Build

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Building your own home is an achievement most people strive towards, but, unfortunately, the high cost of living may make it quite difficult to achieve. However, although construction costs can be expensive, some people may not realise that their preferences are what are inflating the price of the home build. By being practical as well as frugal, you could find that your dream of constructing your own home may be much easier to accomplish than you initially thought.

31 October 2017

Second Life: The Benefits Of Choosing Reclaimed Timber For Your Hardwood Flooring

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In the rapidly changing and often confusing world of interior design, there are still a few things that never go out of style, and sturdy, beautiful hardwood flooring is one of them. The perfect marriage of style and substance, hardwood flooring is as attractive as it is durable, and when properly chosen and installed, it can retain its remarkable looks for years or even decades. However, hardwood flooring is also sold at some pretty eye-watering prices, and flooring larger rooms with brand-new hardwood floorboards may be beyond the reach of many homeowners.

24 October 2017

How to Build a Plywood Roof on a Chicken Coop

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If you're building a chicken coop, there are a lot of options when it comes to roofing. However, using plywood products may be the best and easiest option. Wondering how to make a chicken coop roof out of plywood? Here's a look at what you need to do to make your plywood roof effective.  1. Slope the Roof You can design a chicken coop with a flat roof, but if you do that, the roof will wear out more quickly as snow and rain will pool on top of it.

22 September 2017