Why Your Replacement Windows Should Be Double Glazed


Energy efficiency has become a top priority among a majority of Australian homeowners. Rising electric costs couple with climate changes have translated into extreme weather patterns every passing year. However, just because you cannot control the weather, does not mean you cannot control the ambient temperatures in your home. The best way to do this is by tackling the problem from the part of your house that is responsible for these temperatures changes and that is your windows.

14 May 2019

Important Things to Note About Retail Shop Fittings

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Choosing the right retail shop fittings is a matter of how you will be using them, and the display solutions that you pick give a message to people who come into the store. In other words, they do more for your shop than you think. They contribute to the impression that your store creates and how it will make the products look more attractive. Therefore, you should consider what kind of impression you want.

19 April 2019

4 Crucial Things To Do Before You Renovate a House

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House renovation is an adventure that can quickly go off the rails if it's not handled correctly. There are several wrong turns many homeowners can take, from getting a shady contractor to going over the budget to realising the paint you picked or bathroom cabinets you bought aren't suitable once the work is completed. So to ensure your home improvement project is completed successfully, whether it's just kitchen renovation or a complete house overhaul, it's crucial to be prepared.

20 March 2019

Three Important Considerations for Installing Your Scaffolding Equipment

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If you are planning on hiring a scaffolding system for your construction work, you should think about the access requirements. In simple terms, it is important to acquire a system that will provide expedient elevated access during the building processes. You must ensure that the scaffold can reach the desired maximum height during the construction operations. In addition, your chosen scaffold should be able to support the potential total weight that will be exerted.

26 February 2019

2 Ways To Embrace Wabi-Sabi Style In Your New Kitchen


After many years of sleek, flawless kitchens in minimalist and monochromatic styles, there has been a recent swing towards a less harsh and more relaxed look. This is clearly illustrated by the emergence of wabi-sabi design, which is being seen in kitchens all around the country. Wabi-sabi style is based on ancient Japanese Zen principles which embraces imperfection, texture and the richness of life. A wabi-sabi inspired kitchen looks and feels warm, welcoming and lived in, which is a direct contrast to the cultivated simplicity and clean lines of minimalism.

30 January 2019

Considerations When Hiring a Marine Contractor

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If you live near a body of water or plan to establish a business near one, you may need some construction work on the shore or inside the body of water. The best way to conduct such works is by hiring a marine contractor. Marine contractors have specialised equipment such as dredgers, barges and self-elevating platforms needed to complete marine projects. Below are important considerations to make when choosing a marine contractor.

7 January 2019

Signs Your Business Needs Waterproofing

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Is your business smelling a little musty? Although many people associate waterproofing with keeping basements dry, it's a technique that can prevent dampness anywhere in your building. When you use commercial waterproofing, you can prevent expensive repairs in the future and maintain a more hygienic environment today. Aside from musty smells and the presence of mould, there are other warning signs you should look out for. Efflorescence is making its way into your walls

14 December 2018